Water vs air cooled chillers


At Carrier South Africa, we pride ourselves on being the leaders in industrial air conditioning and refrigerant systems with non-ozone depleting refrigerants. As market leaders, we strive to share as much knowledge as we can with our customers.

With so many industrial water and air cooled chillers on the market, what factors should you be considering before you invest in one? Here are a few essential differences between air and water cooled chillers to help you weigh up your options:

  1. Budget requirements
    In terms of budgeting, air coolers tend to be less of an initial financial outlay than their water cooled counterparts. This makes industrial air cooled chillers a perfect fit for schools, offices, small shopping malls and medical centres.
  2. Maintenance and upkeep
    In terms of servicing and constant maintenance, an air cooled chiller tends to require less upkeep than a water cooled one. Water cooled chillers experience compromised performance without consistent servicing so ensure that you have the funding to maintain them should you choose to invest in one.
  3. High temperatures and humidity
    As much as water cooled chillers are great for many climates, they tend to fall short when high temperatures and humidity are concerned. This makes industrial air cooled chillers a better option if you find yourself in a climate that experiences a lot of humidity.
  4. Cooling loads
    Smaller cooling loads such as 300 tons or less are better suited to an air cooled chiller. That being said, water cooled chillers are still a suitable option for smaller loads, should humidity, budget and maintenance not be of concern.

As the supplier of quality air and water cooled chillers, Carrier South Africa are always happy to answer any questions that our customers might have about the suitability of coolers to help them ascertain which type would prove most effective for them. For more information on Carrier South Africa and our various chiller options, please visit our website today, www.ahi-carriersa.co.za.


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