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Carrier offers efficiency, reliability and productivity to support the success of industrial and manufacturing businesses. Carrier solutions ensure a comfortable and productive environment for employees and supply optimal cooling, heating and air conditions for manufacturing processes.




Low temperature chilled water production down to -6°C (medium) or to -15°C (low) covers specific applications such as Thermal Energy Storage (TES) and industrial process cooling.

An inverter-driven machine usually offered very high efficiency at partial load, but achieving high efficiency at partial load often means sacrificing efficiency at full load. Thanks to AquaForce® with Greenspeed® intelligence, you can have both.

Advanced monitoring service offering continuously collects information from equipment to anticipate and prevent loss of performances or any damage. This solution enables users to track and monitor their HVAC system performance and to take preventative and corrective actions remotely, optimizing the lifetime of the equipment.

Advanced control solutions such as Carrier® PlantCTRL™ allow to control the HVAC system and to optimize it as a whole for maximum availability and minimized energy consumption. In addition, Carrier designs, engineers and implements custom-made Thermal Energy Storage (TES) solutions for HVAC industrial systems with peak cooling demand > 500 kW. 100% smart grid compatible, the TES solution reduces the capacity of the chillers by 30% to 70%, manages and secures the cooling production.


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