The Green Building Council SA: Our Membership is Shaping Your Planet

The Green Building Council SA Our Membership is Shaping Your Planet

It’s comforting to know that there are institutions spreading across the globe which are dedicated to promoting green building practices. The effect that construction has on the environment, especially on the commercial front, has been a cause for concern for many years. However, the tide is changing with the help from organisations such as the Green Building Council of South Africa.

AHI Carrier is a proudly active member of the Green Building Council SA (GBCSA), acutely focused on transforming the South African property industry to move steadily toward environmental sustainability.

As members of the GBCSA, our business is granted access to extensive networks, resources and services which allow us to realise our green mandate. We work with and for companies who strive for ongoing transformation in the commercial, residential and public sector environments.

Why The Green Building Council SA?

The GBCSA is one of 75 global members of the World Green Building Council founded in 2007. As an international team, these dedicated members of the various councils collaborate with industry leaders, government departments and professionals to implement and develop green building solutions.

Members enjoy the privilege of working closely with the GBCSA team in support of achieving business objectives, as well as being granted the opportunity to network with like-minded entities at various events throughout the year.

Sharing of knowledge, technical support and experience are commonplace as we share the same goal – that of environmental sustainability.

Why Go Green?

There are still those who may not fully grasp the critical importance of the role that each of us plays – both as individuals and as businesses.

An article published in by the Norwegian University of Science and technology had this to say:

“The top 100 highest-footprint cities worldwide drive roughly 20% of the global carbon footprint,” Moran said. “This means concerted action by a small number of local mayors and governments can significantly reduce national total carbon footprints.”

It further adds; “Only about a third of the average individual’s carbon footprint is under their control (unless that person lives in a cave in the woods). The majority of our footprint is determined by the buildings we use, our daily commutes, and the energy we use—in other words, things directly under the influence of local governments.

“Urban areas are home to about 54% of total global population and account for more than 70% of global energy use, the researchers say. They’re also centres for concentrated economic growth: one estimate suggests that 60% of global GDP is generated by just 600 urban centres.” (1)

Essentially, while it’s up to each one of us to carefully consider our own use of energy and resources, we have very little control over the big picture.

This is where the GBCSA comes in, and we at AHI Carrier are 100 percent behind them.

There are additional benefits to building green buildings which may not be immediately apparent. Consider the following examples offered by GBCSA (2):

Lower Operating Costs

A Green Star SA building enjoys an energy saving of between 25 and 50 percent compared to SANS 204 standards.

Increased Productivity

Improved, natural ventilation, temperature and lighting control play an increasingly important role in the productivity and profitability of a business.

Increased Property Values

While the focus generally tends to be around initial capital investment and energy savings, a factor which is often overlooked is the innate value of green buildings. With lower operating costs, these future-proofed buildings have valuations 11-12 percent higher than a standard structure.

Enhanced Brand Image

Environmentally aware brands who actively engage in sustainable practices enjoy the added benefits of being perceived as socially responsible and technologically advanced. Whether your commercial entity owns a green building, or you are simply a tenant within one, the positive perception of your brand enhances your business.

Reduced Risk

With the current bout of load shedding fresh in our minds, and the negative impact that it has on business, alternative energy sources and lower energy usage is a hot topic. A green building remains largely immune to skyrocketing power costs (or none at all!), carbon taxes and ever-tightening legislation on energy efficiency.

AHI Carrier is Your Green Team

We are proud to be among the planet shapers who care enough to invest in your future. We eagerly anticipate sharing knowledge, inspiration and transformation with like-minded professionals within the commercial, residential or public sector environment.

As active members of the Green Building Council SA, you can entrust your next project to a team of passionate professionals, keenly interested in the future of your business and the future of our precious planet.


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