The Crowne Chose Carrier Why the 23XRV Is the Chiller of Choice

The Crowne Chose Carrier Why the 23XRV Is the Chiller of Choice

“We’ve been tracking data since the chillers were installed, and already we have seen significant savings… we have already seen a $7,000 savings in electrical costs.” This abridged comment from Salvatore Tamberella, Director of Engineering at Crowne Plaza Philadelphia-Cherry Hill, was a welcome recommendation for the AQUAEDGE® 23XRV Evergreen chillers from Carrier.

What situation prompted this comment?

HVAC Requirements for The Crowne Plaza Philadelphia–Cherry Hill

As an ageing structure built in 1974, the inevitable need arose for management of this imposing hotel to rethink the HVAC system. Of course, as a member of the Crowne Plaza group, there was always a responsibility to maintain the highest levels of comfort for their guests while bringing the systems up to date in terms of efficiency and responsible energy usage.

However, as with any large project, there were some challenges.

  • In Philadelphia, the hot and humid summer is followed by a cold winter with average overnight temperatures of -3°C, and often accompanied by rain. These extremes in operating conditions required a chiller system which could comfortably and effectively handle the heat and humidity of the summer months, yet still function efficiently in the winter with significantly lower loads.
  • The individual room requirements for the hotel varied greatly. For example:
    • The cooling load in the kitchens and computer rooms would always be substantial.
    • The 400+ guest rooms and suites would all require individual heating and cooling and these needs would vary too, depending on the occupancy levels of the hotel.
    • Conference and meeting rooms are in use throughout the year regardless of the outside weather conditions and would, therefore, need consistent temperature control.
  • The mechanical equipment for the chillers is located directly above the 17th-floor guest rooms. This meant that the sound levels of the chillers would be a major consideration.

The Crowne Chose Carrier

Sharon Hyland, Account Manager at Fluidics, was determined to find the best solution for The Crowne Plaza. Hyland researched several alternatives and selected the 23XRV, noting that “After evaluating the equipment on the market, we chose the Carrier 23XRV Evergreen® chiller.

“Not only was it the most efficient machine available but also one of the quietest. Our positive relationship with Carrier in the past gave us confidence we would achieve our objectives and serve our client well.”

The 23XRV Chiller

Chosen for if quiet efficiency, the 23XRV chiller was put through its paces in this project, but the benefits to the Crowne Plaza were substantial.

IEEE-519 Compliance – The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is “an association dedicated to advancing innovation and technological excellence for the benefit of humanity.” The standard which addresses harmonics or IEEE-519 came into play on this project. The variable speed drive of the 23XRV eliminated the need for field-installed harmonic filters or a harmonic study on the building’s electrical system.

The New Jersey SmartStart Program – This innovative clean energy program “provides financial incentives for qualifying equipment. These incentives help offset some of the added cost to purchase qualifying energy-efficient equipment, which provides significant long-term energy savings.”

Due to the exceptional energy efficiency of the 23XRV, the Crowne Plaza qualified for a $100/ton rebate – a saving of $90,000 in initial costs alone.

Ongoing Energy Efficiency – As mentioned at the outset, Crowne Plaza management carefully monitored the energy usage of the two 23XRV chillers right from installation. They were thrilled with a saving of $7,000 in electrical costs despite lower occupancy levels from the previous year.

Environmentally Sound – The 23XRV makes use of the chlorine-free R-134a refrigerant which is a safe an environmentally sound choice.

Efficient Under Variable Loads – The variable speed drive of the 23XRV allows for efficient cooling, even in low-load conditions. For example, during the low occupancy winter months, there may be a requirement to cool a crowded ballroom during a wedding.

The Carrier team are thrilled to add this successful installation of the 23XRV chillers to their portfolio. These reliable, quiet and energy efficient chillers are certainly making a name for themselves in a cross-section of industries.

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