Redgard Ready to Take the Reins as New Ahi-Carrier General Manager

AHI-Carrier, a leading provider of air conditioning products and services, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Mark Leon Redgard as our new General Manager.

With over three decades of diverse business experience Redgard brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to drive our company forward and steer it to new heights of success. His deep understanding of commerce, operations management, business development, sales and aftermarket services will undoubtedly play a crucial role in propelling AHI-Carrier’s growth.

As the General Manager, Redgard will assume key responsibilities that are vital to the success of AHI-Carrier. His primary focus will be on nurturing lasting customer relationships thereby solidifying the bond between AHI-Carrier and its valued clients. AHI-Carrier is committed to sustainable growth, and Redgard’s expertise will be instrumental in driving the company’s expansion in chosen market channels. By optimising operational and sales efficiencies, he will spearhead initiatives that enhance our competitive edge and enable us to serve our customers more effectively.

Recognizing the importance of our employees, Redgard will prioritise impactful engagement and development programs to foster a motivated and high-performing workforce. By empowering and engaging our talented team, he will strengthen AHI-Carrier’s internal capabilities and create an environment that encourages innovation, continuous learning, best practice, and excellence.

AHI-Carrier is confident that Mark Leon Redgard’s appointment as General Manager will serve as a catalyst for continued growth. By leveraging his skills and experience, we are poised to accelerate our journey alongside our valued partners, offering exceptional air conditioning products and services that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.


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