Iron Mountain

Project Description

Project Objectives

Iron Mountain® operates a secure data storage facility, including a data center, in a former limestone mine in rural Pennsylvania. The data center maintains servers that provide secure information back-up for clients around the U.S. and internationally. In order to meet the precise cooling needs of the growing data center in an efficient manner, Iron Mountain needed a reliable chiller that could operate efficiently under part- or full-load conditions.


The Carrier Evergreen® 23XRV chiller with Foxfire™ compression technology features a variable speed drive that enables the unit to deliver impressive efficiency regardless of load. This allows the 23XRV to effectively “grow” with the data center’s server population, providing more cooling as more heatproducing servers are added. Also, the stellar performance of the Evergreen 23XRV chiller in fail-safe testing by an outside agency helped to secure the facility a top rating in the data center industry, providing peace of mind for Iron Mountain clients and a marketing advantage for the facility itself.