Crowne Plaza

Project Description

Project Objectives

The Crowne Plaza Hotel Philadelphia–Cherry Hill is the largest hotel in southern New Jersey outside of Atlantic City. The owners were interested in lowering the operating costs associated with maintaining comfortable environments in guest and conference rooms, a difficult proposition given the large variance in cooling requirements between seasons.

A complicating factor was that the mechanical equipment room was in close proximity to accommodations, requiring that the solution use the quietest equipment available.


Crown Plaza Hotel hired Fluidics, Inc., a facilities services firm, to identify the best equipment for the application. To satisfy fluctuating internal load and noise restrictions and improve energy efficiency,Fluidics recommended replacing the existing system with two 23XRV Evergreen® variable-speed

water-cooled screw chillers. The 23XRV was chosen because its unique design is especially well suited to maintaining comfort levels in applications that have large variances between minimum and maximum load conditions. In addition, the design of the 23XRV allows the chiller to operate at sound levels that are comparable to or lower than many centrifugal chillers.