Water-Cooled – 30HXC

Water-Cooled – 30HXC

The 30HXC maintains a nominal cooling capacity of 286-1302KW. This unit is uniquely designed from the ground up, meeting future and present needs.

Equipped with Pro-Dialog Plus control, it optimizes the efficiency of the non-ozone depleting HFC 134A refrigerant circuit.

It has a compact design allowing the unit to fit through a standard door without disassembly required.

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Auto-diagnostics – quick display of the machine status
Mechanically – cleanable evaporator and condenser
Non-controlled, Non-ozone depleting HFC-134a refrigerant

Reversed evaporator water inlet/outlet
Condenser and evaporator maximum water-side operating pressure of 21 bar
Reversed condenser water inlet/outlet
RS485 communications interface with open protocol
Compressor soft start electronic starter