Nominal Cooling Capacity from 300 to 700 TR (1,055 – 2,461 kW)

Low GWP R-513A or R-134a Refrigerant options avaialble 

Unconditional performance starts with an unbeatable compressor

The AquaEdge 19MV leverages proven EQUIDRIVE™ TWO-STAGE BACK-TO-BACK COMPRESSOR TECHNOLOGY – now with magnetic bearings – for high performance and reliability across a wide operating range while staying quiet and cool under pressure.

Revolutionary EquiDrive compression and drive train technology provides MORE OPERATING RANGE while maintaining best-in-segment efficiency at design conditions (MORe) for an improvement in both chiller energy efficiency and building resiliency.

Key Features

  • Achieves <0.52 kW/Ton and <0.31 kW/Ton (IPLV) (FL/PL 6.76/11.35 COP) at AHRI conditions
  • Operating range of 40°F to 95°F (5C – 35C) entering condenser water down to 10% load
  • Compact Footprint for easy installation
  • Various Refrigerant Options (R-513A or R-134a)
  • Quiet Operations (less than 80 dBA)
  • Expansion Control System
  • GreenSpeed® Intelligence Variable Frequency Drive