Nominal cooling capacity from 267 – 1.682 kW.

  • Carrier’s AquaForce® 30XB range is available in three levels of efficiency to perfectly match each customer application and meet the European Ecodesign directive requirements.
  • 30XBP: The AquaForce® 30XBP with Greenspeed™ intelligence is the premium version with EC fans and additional heat exchange surface to improve both the full load and part load energy efficiency. The 30XBP provides very cost effective operation in both process and comfort applications through the use of state of the art EC fan technology.
  • 30XB with Greenspeed Intelligence: The AquaForce® 30XB with Greenspeed™ intelligence is equipped with variable-speed AC fan motors. It offers an economical solution to enhance seasonal energy efficiency levels for comfort applications. The 30XB with Greenspeed™ intelligence meets the 2018 EU Ecodesign SEER 12/7°C requirements (load variation from 15% to 100%).
  • 30XB: The AquaForce® 30XB is equipped with fixed-speed screw compressor and fixed-speed fans with AC motor. The 30XB offers an economical solution whilst providing high full load energy efficiency level for process applications and 12/7°C operation in hot climates. 30XB is compliant with the 2018 EU Ecodesign SEPR -2/-8°C and 12/7°C requirements for medium and high temperature process chillers (load variation from 15% to 100%).
  • Industry leading technologies:
    • 6th generation of “Flying Bird” fans with AC or EC motor.
    • 2nd generation of “V” shape Novation Micro Channel heat exchangers.
    • Fixed-speed single or dual pumps with AC motor (optional) available on all sizes up to 500kW.
    • Carrier fixed-speed screw compressor with AC motor.
    • Flooded shell and tube evaporator for high energy efficiency.
    • Advanced Touch Pilot control with 5-inch color touch screen interface with remote access via internet.

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