Nominal Cooling Cap. from 502 to 1736kW and Heating Cap. from 573 to 1964kW

The Carrier 30XW–/30XW-P/30XWH-/30XWHP Water Cooled Chillers are the premium solution for industrial and commercial applications where installers, consultants and building owners require optimal performances and maximum quality.

The Carrier 30XWHP is the Premium Efficiency Heating Applications variant of the family where precise control of the condenser leaving water temperature is required. Unlike in the 30XW– variant, the unit when in heating mode, fluctuates the evaporator leaving water control to reach the heating setpoint (lowest setpoint taken into consideration and is maintained to prevent operation at very low temperatures).

The Carrier 30XWHP uses the most reliable technologies available today:

  • Twin-rotor screw compressors with a variable capacity valve
  • Refrigerant R134a
  • Flooded heat exchangers that are mechanically cleanable
  • Carrier SmartVuTM control with color touch screen user interface that includes 10 langages

As standard, the unit can provide an evaporator leaving temperature down to 3,3°C (-12°C optional), and when operating as a heat pump, it can deliver up to 50°C (63°C optional) on the condenser side.

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