The 30XQ Aquaforce units are designed for the air conditioning of buildings and industrial processes. Prior to the initial start-up of the 30XQ units, the people involved in the on-site installation, start-up, operation, and maintenance of this unit should be thoroughly familiar with these instructions and the specific project data for the installation site.

The 30XQ heat pump chillers are designed to provide a very high level of safety during installation, start-up, operation and maintenance. They will provide safe and reliable service when operated within their application range.

This manual provides the necessary information to familiarize yourself with the control system before performing start-up procedures. The procedures in this manual are arranged in the sequence required for machine installation, start-up, operation and maintenance.

Always ensure that all required safety measures are followed, including those in this document, such as: wearing protective clothing (gloves, shoes) and safety glasses, using appropriate tools, employing qualified and skilled technicians(electricians, refrigeration engineers) and following local regulations.


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