Nominal cooling capacity from 277 to 1512 kW – 50 Hz

The Carrier 30XBP AquaForce® Chiller with Greenspeed™ intelligence is the premium version of the Carrier 30XB- range including EC fans and additional heat exchange surface to improve both the full load and part load energy efficiency.

The 30XBP provides very cost effective operation in both process and comfort applications through the use of state of the art EC fan technology.

Carrier 30XBP AquaForce® Chiller with Greenspeed™ intelligence adapts effortlessly to a wide range of applications. Extended operating temperatures from -20°C to 55°C outdoor air temperatures and negative water temperatures make it ideal for various sectors of activity. From high-end office buildings and hotels to healthcare facilities, data centers and industrial projects, AquaForce® 30XBP are the perfect solutions to combine competitive price associated with high energy efficiency whatever the climate and wherever the location

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