Nominal cooling capacity from 277 to 1684 kW

Refrigerant : R-134a

The Carrier 30XBE AquaForce® with Greenspeed™ intelligence is equipped with variable-speed AC fan motors and offers an economical solution to enhance seasonal energy efficiency levels for comfort applications. The 30XBE with Greenspeed™ intelligence meets the 2021 EU Ecodesign SEER 12/7°C requirements (Application thermal load variation from 0% to 100%).

They use the latest Carrier technologies:

  • Carrier 06T twin-rotor fixed-speed screw compressors.
  • Low noise 6th generation of Carrier Flying BirdTM fans with AC motor (30XBE )
  • Carrier flooded shell-and-tube evaporator with new copper tube design for low pressure drops
  • 2nd generation of “V” shape Carrier NovationTM microchannel heat exchangers with optional Enviro-Shield coatings.
  • Carrier SmartVuTM control with color touch screen user interface that includes 10 langages and integrated web-serve

The 30XBE range is an economic solution for commercial and industrial applications where high reliability and economic operation in all climate conditions are key customer requirements.



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