Modular Indoor Condenserless Liquid Chiller with Puron® Refrigerant (R-410A)

From 56 to 250 kW per module

The AquaSnap® 30MP packaged liquid and condenserless chillers feature a compact modular design that makes them ideal for easy replacement, retrofit, or new construction applications.

The AquaSnap® 30MP family comes with :

• Manifold capability up to 1,934 kW (8 Modules)

• HFC Puron® refrigerant (R-410A)

• Reduced installation cost

• Small footprint (fits through a standard doorway)

• Multiple unit configuration

• Condenserless option

• Heat recovery capability – up to 140°F (60°C)

• Capability to manifold and control up to eight (8) modules together

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