17DA Centrifugal Chiller

17DA Centrifugal Chiller

The Standard for High Capacity Applications

For over five decades, Carrier’s 17DA centrifugal chillers have been the equipment of choice for large tonnage (3,000-5,500) applications where performance and energy efficiency are prerequisites.

They’re specified for municipal chilled water plants, high-rise complexes, campuses, airports and industrial process applications worldwide.

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Carrier’s 17DA has a wide variety of energy-saving
features that are unmatched in the industry:

  • Open Drive Design
    Offers the flexibility to choose electric motor or steam turbine (whichever proves to be the most economical for your specific installation’s locale) as a drive source.
  • Advanced Compressor Design
    Incorporates variable inlet guide vanes and a diffuser ring, which act together to control the flow of refrigerant through the 17DA’s single-stage, high-efficiency shrouded impeller. This feature delivers optimum performance and efficiency across a wide range of operating conditions without the need for hot gas bypass.
  • Atmospheric Lubrication System
    Delivers the lowest possible maintenance costs by allowing bearing inspection without any compressor disassembly, refrigerant piping removal or refrigerant transfer.
  • Iso-Carbon Seal
    Contains only three wearing parts, allows for easy access servicing and prevents refrigerant loss during shutdown.
  • Heat Exchanger Flexibility
    Offered in length and size of vessels; tube material and thickness; and pass arrangement allow for custom-engineered fit to project requirements for optimum performance.