Our Range Of Controls Puts The Power In Your Hands

Our Range Of Controls Puts The Power In Your Hands

The ability to control things remotely is one of the most important benefits of 21st-century convenience technology. And while couch potatoes all over the world are no doubt nodding their heads in grateful agreement at this point, the advantages of remote system controls go way beyond not having to get off the sofa to change the TV channel!

Commercial buildings, if not managed correctly, can be shameless and conspicuous consumers of energy. As well as being environmentally irresponsible, excessive energy use cuts into your business’ profits. An efficient HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) control system can help you manage your energy consumption and costs and is an essential part of every commercial building.

Making sure it runs smoothly is key to ensuring maximum comfort for occupants, while still keeping energy efficiency top of mind. You can, for example, set your control system so that it turns off lights when the building’s empty, adjusts internal temperatures depending on the number of people currently in the building and the outside weather conditions, and manages air quality and CO2 levels.

In most commercial buildings, configuring the HVAC requirements can be quite a complicated process requiring intermediate or even advanced knowledge to operate. But having an HVAC control system in place is a simple and easy-to-understand way of putting the power (literally) in your hands.

Most HVAC control systems are operated using user-friendly interfaces that building owners or tenants can easily operate to control internal temperature and energy use settings. With this kind of control literally at your fingertips, it’s also easy to detect and quickly respond to any abnormalities within the HVAC system, as well as identify any areas in the property where you could make energy savings.

The Benefits Of Integrating System Controls With Smart Building Automation

We already know how much the Internet Of Things is changing the way we live and work. Most new buildings leverage this technology in the form of smart building automation systems, which can integrate all your HVAC equipment into one centrally controlled network.

This means all your lighting, heating, cooling, security systems and fire protection, among others, can be connected to your commercial HVAC systems, such as chillers, boilers, cooling towers and pumps. Once you have everything adjusted to your optimal personal settings, your power control is not only easier to manage, but fewer, if any, resources are wasted on inefficient system settings. Everything is controlled through one central hub, saving you time, money and the hassle of keeping on top of every system in your building.

One of the other really great benefits of building automation is that it doesn’t matter what brand of HVAC system you have, or even if you have several different systems in operation. They can all be efficiently integrated into one control system that you can operate through the internet or even from your smartphone.

AHI Carrier Power Control Systems

With controls ranging from thermostats and zoning systems to powerful, web-based software products, Carrier is an industry expert at placing the power to keep your system operating at peak performance at your fingertips. We can show you how to balance the consistent demand for comfort with the growing need for energy efficiency.

Our system controls predict the times when energy usage will be at its peak and those when demand is minimal. Data reports analyse usage trends and report on exact figures for energy use in multiple zones throughout your building. The fact that these controls can be set remotely through the internet means that even if users are off-site, they can still access the controls through a variety of platforms and mobile devices.

About Our Products

  • Carrier’s electronic thermostat set ranges from 10°C to 30°C. Temperatures can be limited in public buildings where low energy consumption is very important.
  • We supply the NTC Controller – one of the most sophisticated and complete communicating controllers for hydronic fan coil ranges available. Compatible with the full Carrier fan coil range, it can be used either as a standalone control, as part of a larger CCN system application, or at the heart of an Aquasmart system functioning with the Aquasmart Touch Pilot System Manager.
  • Aquasmart Evolution is a complete HVAC system ideal for residential and light commercial applications. It offers perfect comfort for building occupants whilst optimising economical operation for spaces up to 2 500m².
  • The WTC (Water Terminal Controller) provides best in class comfort solutions together with high energy efficiencies management. The controller can be used either as a standalone control, a master/slave function for use in open spaces or at the heart of a Building Management System.

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