Mater Hospital Keeps Its Cool With A Brand New Carrier Chiller System

Australia’s North Queensland enjoys a tropical climate, where humidity rarely drops below 70 percent, and maximum temperatures hover in the region of 31 degrees C in the summer. Even in winter, daytime temperatures stay in the mid-20s. With a climate like this, it’s easy to understand why the Mater Hospital recently decided to upgrade its chiller plant. The hospital has more than 150 patient beds and is an acute-care facility providing specialised services, including cardiology, sleep disorder treatment, a [...]

Carrier’s Energy-Efficient Chiller Design

It’s no secret that Carrier has led the charge to lessen the environmental impact of chillers and air conditioning systems so critical for today’s industrial and business structures. Next generation refrigerants mean Carrier has their eye on the future, which is heading towards megacities, high-rise buildings and huge industrial districts to the end of matching energy needs with available power-grid capacities. Energy efficiency defines the research and technology behind Carrier’s chiller systems. Iron Mountain Project Perhaps in no other case was [...]

AHI Carrier – Helping the Steenberg Gallery Master the Art of Internal Environmental Management

Art is a universal expression of culture, and it’s incredibly important to preserve significant works for future generations. This means ensuring important paintings, photographs, sculptures and other artworks are housed and displayed in a way that protects them from harmful environmental elements, while still allowing people to view and appreciate them. The Steenberg Gallery is part of the Norval Foundation – an exciting new centre specifically designed and built for the research and exhibition of 20th and 21st Century visual [...]

The Green Building Council SA: Our Membership is Shaping Your Planet

It’s comforting to know that there are institutions spreading across the globe which are dedicated to promoting green building practices. The effect that construction has on the environment, especially on the commercial front, has been a cause for concern for many years. However, the tide is changing with the help from organisations such as the Green Building Council of South Africa. AHI Carrier is a proudly active member of the Green Building Council SA (GBCSA), acutely focused on transforming the [...]

Carrier’s Superior 17DA Chiller Supports the Mining Industry

One industry in which the correct product choice when it comes to chiller systems is critical is within the mining industry. In an environment where time is money and virgin rock temperatures way down below reach a mean 60°C, adequate ventilation, cooling and reliability are undisputed operational essentials. There is no question that the hard-pressed mining sector, in particular, can benefit immensely from installations of AHI Carrier’s range of chillers. Specially designed with the required robustness and reliability, they boast [...]

The Crowne Chose Carrier Why the 23XRV Is the Chiller of Choice

“We’ve been tracking data since the chillers were installed, and already we have seen significant savings… we have already seen a $7,000 savings in electrical costs.” This abridged comment from Salvatore Tamberella, Director of Engineering at Crowne Plaza Philadelphia-Cherry Hill, was a welcome recommendation for the AQUAEDGE® 23XRV Evergreen chillers from Carrier. What situation prompted this comment? HVAC Requirements for The Crowne Plaza Philadelphia–Cherry Hill As an ageing structure built in 1974, the inevitable need arose for management of this imposing hotel to [...]

The PWC Tower – Where Environmentally Friendly Design and Superior HVAC Systems Reside.

The success of a project is measured by the result. In the case of the iconic PWC Tower design in Midrand, Gauteng, the goal was to create a building deserving of the highly sought-after Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver Certification. This environmentally-friendly building would need to be modern, practical and “green” from HVAC to waste, adhering to the rating systems of LEED. Commercial buildings have historically been greedy beasts; costly to build and to maintain with inordinately [...]

Carrier’s 17DA Chillers: Simply Designed Better

Whether you’re working with a new commercial structure or part of a team restoring an older building, you have no doubt given extensive consideration to the HVAC system requirements of the space. Indeed, large tonnage applications necessitate a solution that is both energy efficient and which offers excellent performance.  In this instance, Carrier’s 17DA chillers need no introduction. The 17DA chillers are specified for high-rise complexes, airports, campuses, municipal chilled water plants and various industrial process applications across the globe. Of [...]

Sisters of Mercy – Champions of Environmental Stewardship

It’s an unfortunate truth that phrases such as “saving the planet” and “caring for the environment” have become so overused that they are almost a cliché. Yet never before in mankind’s history has there been more of a need to take care of our environment in every way we can. Environmental stewardship is two sides of the same coin: protection of our natural environment and conservation through sustainable practices. It’s no secret that the greedy juggernaut of “economic growth” is a [...]

Meeting the Challenges of the Megacity’s Appetite and Finding Energy Efficiency Solutions

Frequently described as energy hogs, today’s megacities are under the microscope when it comes to their use of resources, and rightly so. Commercial buildings are one of the largest consumers of energy and with the increase of urbanisation, this issue needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency. What are some of the challenges we face, and how can we do our part in this global focus on energy efficiency? The Metabolism of a Megacity 1970 saw just eight megacities [...]