How to improve the lifespan of your industrial unit


Air conditioning is a staple in most buildings all over the world. It’s essential for keeping high temperatures and humidity at bay. The average lifespan of an industrial air conditioning unit tends to differ based on size, brand and usage. Costs of such units can be quite the investment so it pays to know the ways in which you can make yours last longer.


As the leaders in industrial air conditioning, Carrier South Africa want to help you make the most out of your air conditioning unit. With this in mind, here are four ways that you can improve the lifespan of your industrial unit:

  • Ensure proper installation. Proper installation of your industrial air conditioning unit can facilitate correct and efficient functioning that in turn lessens wear and tear. This goes a long way to lengthening the time periods in between services.
  • Service your industrial unit regularly. We recommend services at least twice a year especially leading up to the hotter months where you will be using the unit more so than usual. Calling in a certified professional is worth the price as incorrect services can often mean unnecessary repairs or the end of your unit. Invest in effective services for lower running costs long term.
  • Ensure that your cleaning staff keep your industrial units clean at all times. Build-ups of dust and grime affect air filters and the efficiency of your unit as a whole. This often means increased energy consumption and shorter time periods between services.
  • Keep a look out for any strange noises or unusual fluctuations in temperature. Should either of these occur, call in a professional to see to it. Should you run your industrial unit in spite of this, it could mean greater wear and tear, a more expensive service or even pre-empt the purchase of a new unit.

At Carrier South Africa, we pride ourselves on our quality, service and innovation. For more information about Carrier and the core values that make us the leader in industrial heating and cooling, please visit our website


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