Employee Spotlight: Johan Prinsloo

I started my journey at AHI Carrier back in July 2022 as a Sales Engineer. Initially, I dealt with proposals and solutions for the mining and commercial sectors. However, a shift towards the Data Centre market, an area I was familiar with, opened up new and exciting opportunities. Since then, our team has been actively involved in delivering a substantial amount of equipment, with more projects in the pipeline.

I especially enjoy facing new and evolving requirements within the various verticals in the HVAC market, each with it’s own unique challenges and complexities. Recently I have been involved with Data Centre projects that brought a whole new dynamic to the table. Fortunately, my experience in working and building trust relationships with the various professionals has allowed me to further develop my sales and field experience. A few key features of our market, that never changes, is that of serving the customer, listening to their requirements, adapting, delivering on commitments and speed of execution.

Reflecting on a notable project showcasing AHI Carrier’s commitment to quality and innovation, the 19MV water-cooled chiller with its back-to-back magnetic bearing compressor design was a game-changer. This design ensures superior efficiency and minimal downtime, setting a high standard in the industry.

When it comes to products, the 30XF-Z air-cooled chiller designed for mission-critical data center operations stands out. Its innovations, including green refrigerants and integrated free-cooling options, address the evolving needs of data centers.

AHI Carrier’s unique position in the market, especially in Sales and Exports, lies in the strength of the Carrier brand. The confidence associated with the Carrier name is a significant advantage, making it a reliable choice for clients seeking quality.

Clients opting for AHI Carrier’s Sales and Exports services can expect hassle-free cooling solutions that not only meet but exceed prescribed lifetimes with proper maintenance. The benefits extend beyond products to the assurance that comes with choosing a trusted industry leader.

Being part of the AHI Carrier team, I take pride in contributing to projects that redefine industry standards and showcase our commitment to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction.


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