Employee Spotlight: Chantal Govender

Meet Chantal, a dedicated member of our AHI Carrier family, whose journey from a temporary Commercial Administrator to Ethics and Compliance Officer for South Africa is truly inspiring.

Chantal Govender picks up her story:

“I began my journey at AHI Carrier in December 2016, starting as a temporary Commercial Administrator. By January 2017, I had transitioned to a permanent role, and by February 2018, I was entrusted with the position of Commercial Administration Manager. This role saw me overseeing International Procurement, Imports, Exports, and back-office Sales support. One of the most significant acknowledgments of my contributions came in 2021 when I was recognised as the Ethics and Compliance Officer for South Africa.

The culture at AHI Carrier is truly distinctive. Here, colleagues transition into family members. We are a group that values each other, and we take pride in our commitment to doing things right the first time. This was evident during our 2022 sales conference in Parys, where team-building activities, like river rafting, showcased our camaraderie and mutual support.

At the heart of AHI Carrier is the Commercial team, which I believe acts as a pivotal support system for both Sales and Finance. We work cohesively, ensuring that we’re always aligned in our objectives. The atmosphere in the office strikes a balance between dedication and light-heartedness. My professional growth has been shaped by my manager and our sales team, who have imparted not just logistical knowledge but also insights into our product.

As I look to the future, I see AHI Carrier continuing its trajectory of growth. I am optimistic about the potential of Toshiba and Carrier chillers in the market. My team and I remain dedicated to supporting our sales engineers to meet customer expectations consistently.

For those new to AHI Carrier, I’d offer this piece of advice: Approach your role with humility and an open mind. Recognise the diverse backgrounds of your colleagues and understand that each person brings a unique perspective and skill set. Many of us have been with the company for a long time, which speaks volumes about its ethos and environment.”


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