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How Smart Buildings Help Your HVAC System Use Less Energy

The more comfortable we are at work, the better our productivity. If we’re too cold or too hot, if our lighting is too bright or too dim, or if the air quality isn’t optimal, our work suffers as we suffer. This is why having an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) system is so important. Of course, it needs to work properly in order to create the ideal internal environment for maximum comfort and productivity, but it also needs to [...]

How To Fix Sick Building Syndrome With Adequate Ventilation

How important is adequate ventilation within the office environment? When it comes to the matter of “sick building syndrome,” the very first element that comes under scrutiny is the HVAC system and the air quality in the building. Let’s take a few steps back, however, and discover exactly what sick building syndrome (SBS) is, what causes it and the best-known fixes. What is Sick Building Syndrome? Sick building syndrome is the name given to an enclosed space such as a school or office [...]

Our Range Of Controls Puts The Power In Your Hands

The ability to control things remotely is one of the most important benefits of 21st-century convenience technology. And while couch potatoes all over the world are no doubt nodding their heads in grateful agreement at this point, the advantages of remote system controls go way beyond not having to get off the sofa to change the TV channel! Commercial buildings, if not managed correctly, can be shameless and conspicuous consumers of energy. As well as being environmentally irresponsible, excessive energy [...]

Green Buildings Need Green Chillers

When it comes to buildings, green is the new black. Green buildings are defined as those that, through their design, construction and operation, reduce or eliminate negative impacts on our natural environment and climate. Achieving official green building status is an in-depth procedure we go into in a little more detail here, but one of the key criteria is that although the building must have good environmental air quality, the air-conditioning system can only use between 30 and 40% [...]

AHI Carrier And Allan Gray – Working Together For A Greener Future

They say it takes a village to raise a child. This profound statement has never been truer than it is in our modern times. Growing a person from child to fully functioning, productive and happy adult is a daunting task and one that can simply not be accomplished by parents alone. An entire “village” – teachers, friends, extended family, mentors and others – all contribute in their own way, be it small or large – to the child’s growth [...]

Mater Hospital Keeps Its Cool With A Brand New Carrier Chiller System

Australia’s North Queensland enjoys a tropical climate, where humidity rarely drops below 70 percent, and maximum temperatures hover in the region of 31 degrees C in the summer. Even in winter, daytime temperatures stay in the mid-20s. With a climate like this, it’s easy to understand why the Mater Hospital recently decided to upgrade its chiller plant. The hospital has more than 150 patient beds and is an acute-care facility providing specialised services, including cardiology, sleep disorder treatment, a [...]

Carrier’s Energy-Efficient Chiller Design

It’s no secret that Carrier has led the charge to lessen the environmental impact of chillers and air conditioning systems so critical for today’s industrial and business structures. Next generation refrigerants mean Carrier has their eye on the future, which is heading towards megacities, high-rise buildings and huge industrial districts to the end of matching energy needs with available power-grid capacities. Energy efficiency defines the research and technology behind Carrier’s chiller systems. Iron Mountain Project Perhaps in no other case was [...]

AHI Carrier – Helping the Steenberg Gallery Master the Art of Internal Environmental Management

Art is a universal expression of culture, and it’s incredibly important to preserve significant works for future generations. This means ensuring important paintings, photographs, sculptures and other artworks are housed and displayed in a way that protects them from harmful environmental elements, while still allowing people to view and appreciate them. The Steenberg Gallery is part of the Norval Foundation – an exciting new centre specifically designed and built for the research and exhibition of 20th and 21st Century visual [...]

The Green Building Council SA: Our Membership is Shaping Your Planet

It’s comforting to know that there are institutions spreading across the globe which are dedicated to promoting green building practices. The effect that construction has on the environment, especially on the commercial front, has been a cause for concern for many years. However, the tide is changing with the help from organisations such as the Green Building Council of South Africa. AHI Carrier is a proudly active member of the Green Building Council SA (GBCSA), acutely focused on transforming the [...]

Carrier’s Superior 17DA Chiller Supports the Mining Industry

One industry in which the correct product choice when it comes to chiller systems is critical is within the mining industry. In an environment where time is money and virgin rock temperatures way down below reach a mean 60°C, adequate ventilation, cooling and reliability are undisputed operational essentials. There is no question that the hard-pressed mining sector, in particular, can benefit immensely from installations of AHI Carrier’s range of chillers. Specially designed with the required robustness and reliability, they boast [...]