Carrier’s Superior 17DA Chiller Supports the Mining Industry

Carrier’s Superior 17DA Chiller Supports the Mining Industry

One industry in which the correct product choice when it comes to chiller systems is critical is within the mining industry. In an environment where time is money and virgin rock temperatures way down below reach a mean 60°C, adequate ventilation, cooling and reliability are undisputed operational essentials.

There is no question that the hard-pressed mining sector, in particular, can benefit immensely from installations of AHI Carrier’s range of chillers. Specially designed with the required robustness and reliability, they boast the finesse of variable speed control on the compressors, which provide premium energy efficiency. Compared to most open drive compressors, Carrier’s chillers have dramatically reduced maintenance costs, and that is no small matter in the bigger picture.

Cost Effective Chiller Systems – Essential in Mining

The old adage that teaches us not to be ‘penny-wise and pound foolish’ certainly applies to the need for choosing chiller systems that are created to fit every need in the mining sector. To find a company that can accommodate changing needs as the mine gets deeper is like having a friend in high circles. Capable of fulfilling a variety of solutions, AHI Carrier is interested in finding the win-win formula.

No Such Thing a “One-Size-Fits-All” For Carrier Chillers

Combining technology at its best with user-friendly touchscreen displays, let no one be fooled into thinking this equipment doesn’t have guts.

Each 17DA unit, managing between 3 000 to 5000 tons, is custom-built to ASME and Carrier Corporation’s quality manufacturing standards to match customer requirements and make this product one of the most gratifying purchases in the mechanical room.

“All operational criteria of the unit, including compressor size, drive selection, variable speed drive (VSD), heat exchanger, flow rates, temperature rise conditions and interconnecting lubrication piping are thoroughly reviewed and analysed,” is the Carrier ethic.

“The chillers also feature two-stage compression technology, which is an advantage for large tonnage and high lift applications. The two-stage design provides improved cycle efficiency by leveraging an inter-stage flash economiser. This reduces compressor power while simultaneously increasing refrigeration effect and capacity, resulting in high energy efficiency at fully loaded and part load conditions.” explains sales director Jaco Smal.

The mining industry’s specific requirements include consistency in performance. Reliability being the operative word. The mining environment is harsh with technical challenges, and difficult locations to contend with. Still, as essential as chillers are, ease of maintenance as well as cost containment are equally important to the Carrier design teams, who work closely with all the personnel involved in the operational and decision-making departments.

Carrier is not going to skip a beat – whatever comes up in their own field and speciality, not a stone is left unturned in exploring and examining new discoveries to keep ahead of their game. The intricacies of thermodynamics are theirs to command in reaching the best prospects for approaching any potential maximum cooling load. The fact is that the total cost of cooling a mine is minimized when systems deliver as high a proportion of the required cooling as possible, which is the task of Carrier’s chillers.

Carrier’s Centrifugal Chiller Systems Solve Mining’s Cooling Issues

For Carrier, it’s always been about quality and innovation at the cutting edge of technology and customer requirements. Our decades-long reputation has been to work together with the client and implement energy efficient solutions in every industry.

As far as the mining sector is concerned, Carrier chillers promise and deliver mining-friendly chilling equipment time after time.

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