Carrier’s AquaEdge™ Chiller System is Pretty Cool


The MS Prinsendam, affectionately nicknamed the Elegant Explorer, offers boutique cruises within the Holland America Line. This special vessel is considered “small” compared to her peers, but still comfortably carries over 800 passengers and upwards of 440 crew members within her nine stunning decks.

Understandably, AHI Carrier was thrilled to be involved in the refurbishment and TLC of this little piece of water-borne magic when she came in for work.

Carrier was tasked with refitting the ship’s chiller system and with a tight itinerary and even tighter quarters, it was always going to be a challenge. The team’s experts within Carrier Marine & Offshore jumped straight into the coordination, project management, engineering and logistics support of this keenly anticipated venture.

The AquaEdge™ centrifugal chillers chosen for this prestigious task were certainly fit for purpose.

An Environmentally Responsible Choice

The AquaEdge™ chillers are recognised as leaders in environmental responsibility and have been used successfully in high-end office buildings, hospitals, data centres and factories – all of which require absolute reliability. The incredible technical advances made in the development of this chiller system – from mechanical design to heat transfer – result in a highly efficient system and a perfect energy-saving solution.

However, the focus on environmental sustainability does not stop with the chiller system itself but extends to the choice of refrigerant used. PUREtec™ refrigerant R1233zd(E) provides a low Global Warming Potential (GWP) of just 1.34 and an A1 safety classification.

“The AquaEdge™ 19DV chiller technology represents our commitment to deliver climate control solutions that respect and surpass our customer’s expectations for comfort and the environment,” says Greg Alcorn, vice president and general manager.

This incredible system offers an efficiency that is more than 40 percent higher than what is required by ASHRAE®. In the ongoing spirit of reduce, reuse and recycle the technology within the AquaEdge™ chiller design allows for effective heat recovery and free cooling.

Intelligent Chiller Management

The marine environment is a challenging one and requires a dedicated focus on the safety and comfort of the passengers and crew alike.

The AquaEdge™ chiller comes equipped with PIC5+ intelligent controls, which makes monitoring and data management a simple task. The touchscreen interface displays graphical trends and offers remote access if required while information on essential data such as energy usage and safety aspects are set up for easy tracking and analysis; operational data which allows users to identify risks at a glance or monitor areas which may need upgrading or maintenance. In addition, users have access to:

  • Long-term performance trends
  • Benchmarking
  • Decision Analytics
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Advanced notifications

Leveraging these features keeps our user’s finger on the pulse of the chiller system which can assist with further energy reduction and improvements in equipment reliability.

Indeed, selecting the correct chiller system for MS Prinsendam was vital to maintain the reputation of the vessel. In a densely populated and enclosed area such as within a cruise ship, it’s imperative to remove heat, stale air and potentially toxic fumes quickly, quietly and efficiently from sleeping quarters, dining halls and entertainment rooms.

The build-up of toxins or irritants in an environment, especially where there is no option to simply open a window and let some fresh air come flooding through, poses a distinct health risk to people on board. Even simple products such as cleaning supplies or wood varnish can taint the air we breathe, which highlights the importance of a continuous circulation of fresh, cool air throughout the ship.

Carrier is incredibly proud of this refit project as the Marine and Offshore team managed to work quickly and deliver within the company’s very limited time restrictions. Cramped and humid conditions, as well as additional fitment challenges,  resulted in a piece by piece shipment and installation of the chiller systems. However, the project enjoyed great success and the MS Prinsendam continues taking her passengers on safe and memorable adventures across the seas.

Carrier has been trusted with high-end chiller system fitments around the globe. Should you require this expertise, we encourage you to get in touch today.


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