Carrier’s 17DA Chillers: Simply Designed Better

Carrier’s 17DA Chillers: Simply Designed Better

Whether you’re working with a new commercial structure or part of a team restoring an older building, you have no doubt given extensive consideration to the HVAC system requirements of the space. Indeed, large tonnage applications necessitate a solution that is both energy efficient and which offers excellent performance.  In this instance, Carrier’s 17DA chillers need no introduction.

The 17DA chillers are specified for high-rise complexes, airports, campuses, municipal chilled water plants and various industrial process applications across the globe.

Of course, influences such as ceiling height, number of windows and points of entry and even the estimated number of people passing through will all factor into your final decision. An undersized system will be an inefficient waste of money as it won’t perform as required and will wear out early. Of course, over-capitalising on an oversized unit will result in temperature swings, uneven temperatures, excess humidity and a waste of energy.

The ideal solution lies in the correctly sized product that can be designed for your exact space.

However, depending on your industry, there are even more factors to consider. For example, an industry in which the correct product choice is critical is within the mining industry. In an environment where time is money and temperatures can hit 60°C against a rock face, the aspect of adequate ventilation, cooling and reliability feature heavily.

Why Choose the 17DA Chiller?

Some commercial and industrial spaces, as mentioned above, necessitate specialised chillers capable of cooling 3,000 – 5,000 tonnes. In addition to these punishing requirements, there is the obvious need for absolute reliability and maximum energy efficiency.

For over five decades the 17DA chiller has been designed around these exact requirements. It always delivers well above expectations, offering significant cost savings to owners both from an energy consumption standpoint as well as in the area of maintenance.

Customised Design

We know that no two applications are the same – especially in the commercial arena. Which is why the Carrier experts make use of bespoke software which allows them to design a 17DA to our clients’ exact specifications.

“All operational criteria of the unit, including compressor size, drive selection, variable speed drive (VSD), heat exchanger, flow rates, temperature rise conditions and interconnecting lubrication piping are thoroughly reviewed and analyzed.”

Once the design has been finalised, the equipment is manufactured to these exacting specifications and shipped for installation – along with all the required documentation.

Energy Saving Features

Open Drive Design

Depending on your application, the 17DA can make use of an electric motor or a steam turbine – whichever suits your requirements and locale best.

Advanced Compressor Design

A diffuser ring and variable inlet guide vanes work together to control the refrigerant flow through the single-stage shrouded impeller. This robust design element allows for optimum efficiency across a variety of operating conditions – without requiring a hot gas bypass.

Atmospheric Lubrication System

Significant maintenance costs are usually associated with commercial and industrial chiller systems. However, the 17DA allows for bearing inspection without requiring compressor disassembly. This saves time and capital as there is no requirement for refrigerant transfers or pipe removal for service inspections.

Iso-Carbon Seal

The genius is in the simplicity. Easily access for servicing is achieved with only three wearing parts.

Heat Exchanger Flexibility

Each project is custom-designed for optimum performance, offering flexibility in vessel size and length, tube material and thickness, and pass arrangement.

The 17DA Centrifugal Chiller Checks all the Boxes

The Carrier team are world leaders in high-technology commercial and industrial heating and air conditioning solutions.

Our focus is on providing the right solution for your project while adhering to our undertaking to create energy-efficient products; from the unit design and installation to the choice of building controls and associated energy services.

For more details and specifications of the 17DA please go here, or feel free to contact the Carrier technical team who can assist you further.


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