Carrier Officially Launches AquaEdgeTM 19DV Centrifugal Chiller with Environmentally Sustainable Refrigerant

Energy Efficiency2

Blending high-tech solutions with cost effectiveness is the drive behind the Carrier Group’s innovation. Understanding individual requirements and circumstances peculiar to each building, environment and country makes for ongoing relationships that sustain smooth operation long after installation. With global green initiatives taking more and more of the limelight, consistent comfort and optimum energy efficiency are no longer ‘nice-to-have’ amenities – they are now necessities.

The intelligent HVAC systems engineered by AHI Carriers are the ‘go-to’ solutions of world-renowned developers, with trusted long-running installations guarding the world’s great citadels like the Sistine Chapel in Rome, the Grand Hyatt Taipei in Taiwan and the 5-Star ITC Hotel Royal Gardenia the world’s largest, and Asia’s first, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Platinum® rated green hotel.

The Demand for Energy Efficient Solutions

Undaunted by the new, an upgrade or a retrofit, the team of global experts at the AdvanTE3C Solutions Centre work tirelessly. They make good use of up-to-the-minute software to analyse building performance in order to deliver custom-engineered, energy-efficient operations. This provides a win/win situation in championing green solutions and satisfying ever-changing customer demand.

In the world of HVAC, the focus on harnessing wastage and channelling it into other uses demonstrates just how much innovation goes toward meeting needs and curtailing costs.

Covering more space while increasing cooling capacity was the challenge successfully surmounted at the Orlando World Centre Marriott, where existing chillers were renovated with that as the aim. When hotel management see how the AHI Carrier heat recovery chillers transfer waste heat from the hotel’s cooling system into the domestic hot water system to provide hot showers for guests, no one loses their cool over costs. Indeed, it’s these small yet consistent efforts that make a difference to the big picture.

Two Carrier Evergreen® 23XRV water-cooled screw chillers, chosen for their superior efficiency performance and low operating costs, were selected for Queensland’s Mater Hospital for a new chiller solution. The results were most rewarding. The new system resulted in energy consumption savings of approximately 14 percent (kWh), with demand reduced by 46 percent (kVa). The new chiller plant also provides N+1 redundancy, which is the highest standard for healthcare applications. An additional bonus to this already successful story is that the system has been set up to leave room for future expansion – another potential cost-saving down the line.

Not limited to buildings and malls, Carrier Marine & Offshores experts set about installing the AquaEdge™ centrifugal chillers aboard one of Holland America Line’s cruise ships. Overcoming the many constraints working in confined spaces brings, the very particular needs of marine HVAC was met with aplomb.

Overground and Underground Solutions

One of Carrier’s most exacting challenges was highlighted in the Iron Mountain challenge. A former limestone mine in Pennsylvania, Iron Mountain® now houses a secure data storage facility and data centre. The Carrier Evergreen® 23XRV chiller with Foxfire™ compression technology with its variable speed drive enables the unit to deliver impressive efficiency regardless of load.  That means the 23XRV can effectively “grow” with the data centre’s server population, providing more cooling as more heat producing servers are added.

Fail-safe outside agency testing of the Evergreen 23XRV chiller helped to secure the facility a top rating in the data centre industry, providing peace of mind for Iron Mountain clients and a marketing advantage for the facility itself.

It’s clear that AHI Carrier has, and continues to prove its pedigree, satisfying the energy efficiency and exacting demands of a cross-section of valuable clients. If cost savings and sustainability requirements are on your mind, you know who to contact.


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