Ahi-Carrier Celebrates 100 Years of Progress

Dr Carrier

A century after the introduction of a unique invention that changed the world, AHI-Carrier is proud to be celebrating its 100 anniversary as a game-changer in air conditioning and heating.

In 1922, Willis Carrier could not have known how much of an impact his single idea would have around the globe after his first centrifugal chiller was installed at a candy factory in Pennsylvania.

Carrier’s chiller was the first large-scale machine designed and built to control indoor climates

This technology was heralded as a landmark achievement which introduced modern air conditioning at movie theatres, office buildings and department stores, treating the public to its first taste of cool, clean and comfortable manufactured weather.

By delivering precise temperature and humidity, centrifugal chillers also provided controlled environments in order to manufacture products across a wide range of industries, which has gone on to impact almost every facet of our modern lives.

Carrier’s centrifugal chillers not only made large buildings cool and comfortable on hot, humid days, but over the last 100 years they have also made the world we live in possible, from where we live to how we work and play.

As a groundbreaking inventor, we are grateful to the foresight and brilliance provided by Willis Carrier, whose name lives on in the most trusted air conditioning and heating company in Southern Africa.

Taking the unique technology he created, AHI-Carrier continues to play a leading role in supplying air conditioning solutions to a variety of sectors.

It all began a century ago, and today we celebrate how far we have come.


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