Advantages of a heat pump air-con


The number of air conditioning systems available seem almost endless. Selecting the right type of air conditioning for your home or business could seem daunting. But, you don’t need an engineering degree to find out which solution is best for you and the environment.

At Carrier, we’ve been leading the way in industrial, commercial and residential air conditioning for over a century. Our products improve our customers’ world through engineering innovation and responsibility to the environment.

We specialise in the most energy efficient home air-conditioning and heating in the world. Whether it’s one of our furnaces, central air-conditioners, heat pumps or ductless systems, you can rely on our innovative solutions. They not only provide consistent cooling or heating, but are also low on maintenance and easy to control.

Here are just some of the advantages to our heat pump system:

  • Despite the name, heat pumps are just as good at cooling as they are heating. They act as a furnace in cold months and as an air-conditioner in warmer months.
  • They are extremely energy efficient, which not only saves you money, it minimises the impact on the environment.
  • Electric heat pumps allow you to control the amount of energy used to heat and cool your home or business. They’ve also been used for residential purposes for centuries.
  • Heat pumps don’t use electricity to heat up air. They absorb heat from the environment, multiply it and then transfer it to where you want it.
  • Heat pumps don’t dry out the air, which reduces the need for a humidifier
  • Our electric heat pumps are engineered to minimize operational noise. So you won’t be disturbed when your unit turns on or off automatically
  • Heat pumps have to work much less heating up air in mild to hot climates. Although the name suggests heating, they are a popular, energy efficient, air conditioning solution in hot climates.

We specialise in the most energy efficient home air-conditioning and heating in the world

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